The B&O in Southern Indiana
2003, John Rust, All Rights Reserved

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These photographs were taken by myself primarily from 1989-1994 when I was very actively photographing this line. Unfortunately this line has recently been nearly mothballed by CSX. There is still a local train that CSX runs on it but very recently (as of December 2004) all other trains have been re-routed elsewhere. Briefly in the summer & early fall of 2004 CSX announced its intention to abandon or sell the line between North Vernon & Lawrenceburg, severing the line. However I believe CSX has recently decided to not go thru with that and the status of the line is in limbo.

So this photo collection is sadly more of a look at "what was" than "what is". The local still runs from Mitchell, Indiana to North Vernon, Indiana a few times a week but other than that the line is now silent. What was once part of the St. Louis to Cincinnati to Cumberland, Maryland to Baltimore, Maryland mainline has been completely obliterated in Ohio & West Virginia. The purchase of the Conrail main from Columbus, Ohio to St. Louis has relegated the former B&O line as surplus. So what the future holds is anyone's guess. I "believe" CSX has sold off part their line from Cincinnati to Columbus Ohio so even this lines status as a possible reroute is dead. CSX has a history of selling off unused lines of like 20 miles (i.e. Monon between Bloomington, Indiana and Bedford, Indiana) which in essense ruin a lines viability. This leaves stubs to remaining industry but ruins the chances of future rail development.

This extremely shortsited thinking by inept CSX managenement has left vast areas it serves without a hope of ever having real rail service ever again.