The B&O in Southern Indiana / csx08i
2003, John Rust, All Rights Reserved

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CSX train #R371 headed west thru Seymour, Indiana. Ahead on the left of the tracks is the Seymour former B&O passenger station and "JO" tower. JO tower was a 24 hour manned operation controlling trains on the CSX B&O line and on the Conrail former Pennsylvania railroad crossover. The railroad freighthouse to the right is the former Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific freight house. This structure is still up as of 2003, and is one of the few remainders of the Milwaukee Road's eastern most rail line. At one time, tracks from Seymour, Indiana on the Milwaukee line stretched as far as Seattle, Washington. Milwaukee Road's Seymour line operations ceased in 1977. The last major Milwaukee Road customer was the Crane Naval Base in Southern Indiana which supplied shell casings for the Vietnam War. After the end of the war, the line was rarely used, indeed the local nickname of the Milwaukee Road in Seymour was the "B,F & E", standing for Back & Forth Empty. That nickname was so commonly used, that most residents didn't even realize that was not the real name of the operation!

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