Display your historic slides for FREE on SD45.com!

Do you have historic (PRE-1970 only) railroad slides, and would like them scanned & returned to you along with a DVD disk containing the scans of the slides, free of charge?

SD45.com is looking for more material to display on this website. In exchange for the possible use of your slides on the SD45.com website, I will scan slides free of charge and return the originals to you (you pay postage to me, I will provide postage to return plus the DVD of the scans free of charge).

I am specifically looking for 1935-1969 Kodachrome 2"x2" color slides of railroad engine roster shots, and action shots showing engines.

These shots must be copyright free (i.e. if you have purchased them and someone has marked them "copyright" I cannot use them.

This is a opportunity for you to have your historic slides scanned by a Nikon Coolscan 4000ED slide scanner in the JPEG format. This is a professional grade slide scanner which produces sharp & true to life colors as shown by all the scans on this website. This scanner incorporates digital ICE which removes dust & scratches from the images as well as restores colors on faded images. I prefer Kodachrome but other slides will be considered especially if the subject is historically interesting. The file size for each slide is approx. 50 megs after scanning (over 3500 pixels per inch of the original slide scan area) which is suitable for printing after resizing.

If I use the images on the SD45.com website you will also get the photoshopped aprox 8"x10" image that I use on the website, so you will have it ready for your own web use as well as in large format for printing etc.

Again the slides must be before 1970 & copyright free for me to be able to scan them & use them on this website. I started this website after purchasing a large number of slides over the years when I was a kid and have found this a great way of sharing historic images with others who share the interest in railroads.

I do not buy slides and only share these in this not-for-profit website with the goal of sharing historic railroad photography.

I know that many people collect slides & pay several dollars per slide only to have them thrown away when they pass away by relatives who do not realize the historic value of the slides. By having your collection scanned at the very least hopefully someone will be able to get enjoyment and historic information from viewing your slide on this website with appropriate credit to you as owner of the slides when displayed. You will note on the Roster Shot area that I label each page with the photographer, date & location & other information that is known.

Specific areas I need:

1. Lehigh Valley (I only have 18 images, would like to have at least 50)
2. Monon (same as above)
3. Reading (same as above)
4. Early color Rio Grande (pre 1965)(I have a large collection of Rio Grande images I'll be adding in the next 2 months)
5. Louisville & Nashville (I have like 4 images, waiting on more before posting)
6. Chicago & North Western as well as Chicago & Great Western.
7. Western Pacific
8. Southern Pacific
9. Norfolk & Western
10. Soo Line
11. Early pre-1955 ANYTHING.
12. Pennsylvania
13. New York Central
14. Burlington (pre BN)
15. Northern Pacific(pre BN)
16. Great Northern(pre BN)

Also if you have already had your slides scanned (steam or diesel pre-1970) image size around 8x10 and 72 dpi and are looking for a place to display them with a direct email link to you & your copyright information I would be thrilled to discuss hosting them for free on SD45.com!

For specific information on this opportunity please email SD45.com from the main page.

Copyright 2009 John Rust, All Rights Reserved. Absolutely no reproduction or useage of this photograph without the express written consent of the photographer.