Sand Patch / csx01s
2003, John Rust, All Rights Reserved

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Sand Patch, 1991. This is the very first photograph of a train that I photographed on the CSX Baltimore & Ohio Sand Patch grade line. As it happens, this train was either R135 or R137. The trailers on flatcars were behind the autoracks a few cars back. The "TrailerJets" in B&O terminology. The Jets normally ran up Sand Patch grade from Cumberland Maryland thru Meyersdale, Pennsylvania between 7 and 9 o'clock in the morning. They usually ran within 30 minutes of each other, both headed to Chicago, one from Baltimore, and one from Philadelphia. These were powered exclusively by GP40 locomotives. I vividly remember the rumble of the 645 prime movers as this train excelerated out of the tunnerl after having dropped its helpers just on the other side. This was taken in early spring, and the usual Sand Patch fog surrounds the tunnel and the surrounding mountains.